Water mist

Water mist is one of the most advanced automatic fire extinguishing systems in which water is used as a fire extinguisher.

The operation of this system is based on the spraying of fog droplets and the water spray nozzles are converted into small particles with a diameter of 300 to 1000 microns and sprayed on fire. This causes the fire to cool down and, due to the water turning into the fog; it spreads in the environment and is placed on the fire as a cover, preventing oxygen from reaching the fire.

In this method, the heat absorption is 1700 times more than the sprinkler water fire extinguishing system.

The advantages of this system:

  • Its cost-effectiveness due to the use of water compared to gas extinguishing systems
  • Use less water volume
  • Installations and plumbing take up less space.
  • In this system, the pipes and equipment used are made of steel and anti-corrosion and have a long life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extinguish the fire in the shortest time
  • The heat loss is 1,700 times greater than that of a sprinkler extinguishing system