Linear Heat Detectors

Linear Heat Detectors

Linear Heat Detectors have the ability to detect heat along their length and the sensor of these cables consists of two conductors made of steel, which are separately placed in a heat-sensitive polymer cover.

They are wrapped around each other, And they create a spring pressure inside and towards each other.

The thermal polymer melts at a certain temperature to which it is sensitive due to the existing spring pressure, the two conductor strings are connected to each other and as a result, a heat detection signal is sent.

The advantages of this cable include a warning in the first point that heat is generated and not contacting a certain length of cable with heat for identification and the possibility of accurately determining the point of occurrence of heat by using control panels.

The cables are made of steel conductor and have a strong shell, so the cables have high mechanical strength.

These cables have different temperature coatings and due to changing environmental conditions, the sensitivity of the cable does not change and there is no need to reset the equipment.

These cables are suitable for installation in various parts of industrial projects such as cable trays, conveyor belts, and power distribution equipment such as transformers, electrical switches, cooling towers, pipelines, refrigerators, oil and gas tanks, and chemicals…