Fire cable

Fire resistant Cables

One of the most important challenges for the safe evacuation of buildings during fires is the problems caused by smoke, heat, and toxic gases. In such cases, the use of fire-resistant cables, which are generally made of halogen-free polymers, will be effective in reducing the number of toxic gases.

These cables are mainly used in fire alarm and extinguishing systems, emergency power systems, control and instrumentation systems, and systems with high temperature operating conditions.

The features of these cables are high fire resistance and no flame transmission, very low smoke and no vapors and toxic gases, high direct flame resistance time, no halogen gases

For the following reasons, the use of these cables is recommended in all construction projects, including residential, commercial, office, and projects with high fire risk and industrial projects:

  • Due to the cable cover, the spread of fire is prevented
  • Ability to use all fire alarm and extinguishing systems, evacuation, and ventilation during the fire